Country Two Step Dance Lessons Louisville KY

At Shall We Dance Studio Louisville KY, we teach Country Two Step dance lessons to both brand new beginners and experienced dancers of Country Two Step. Try our introductory special and get a free Country Two Step Dance Lesson.

A DESCRIPTION OF COUNTRY TWO STEP - Country music calls for a wide variety of dance styles, so country western dancers include all sorts of dances highlighted by country's signature dance, the two step. The Country Two Step is, possibly, the most popular and fundamental of the country western dances. Danced to a relatively fast tempo (168-200 BPM), Two Step consists of both 6 count and 8 count patterns danced in a progressive "weaved" pattern structure.

Two Step is also one of 8 country western dances regulated by the UCWDC (United Country Western Dance Council) who describes Two Step as a "smooth, progressive dance with weaved patterns and rhythm accents that separate the quicks and slows, emphasizing slows."