Shall We Dance?

The Dance Studio

Shall We Dance Studio Louisville

The minute you step inside our ballroom dance studio in Louisville KY, we are sure you will agree that Shall We Dance Studio Louisville is simply the most beautiful, elegant, and decadent ballroom dance studio in Louisville KY.

Located in the heart of historic Anchorage, our ballroom dance studio offers floating hardwood dance floors, state of the art sound system, floor to ceiling mirrors, luxurious mahogany trim and decor.

Our History

  • Owner Kimberly Hassmann begins her career as a ballroom dance instructor.

  • Along with Brandon Thompson, Kimberly opens Shall We Dance on Bardstown Rd in Louisville.

  • Shall We Dance relocates into it's beautiful new home in the Anchorage neighborhood of East Louisville.

How We Teach

Our progressive system of instruction makes learning to dance easy and fun. A steady approach with periodic practice will produce visible results in a short period.

We teach from a three-part system of learning as each part plays a very important part in reaching your dance goals.

We track our student's progress between each lesson.

As each student is different, we specialize each student's dance program to suit each student's personal dance goals.

Our Staff

Kimberly Hassmann
Kimberly Hassmann

Owner/Instructor. Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Country, Wedding, and More.

Chelsey Owen
Chelsey Owen

Instructor. Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Country, Weddings

Autumn Bay
Autumn Bay

Instructor. Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Country, Weddings

Our Dance Programs

    "Intro to Partner Dance"

    A great way to learn some of the core elements of dance, the basic steps of the dances of your choice, and to get an understanding of what you would like your dancing to do for you

    "The Basic Fundamentals"

    During this program, you will be introduced to the basic elements of your choice of social dances. You will gain an understanding of footwork, an introduction to the various dance tempos, and the fundamentals of a good lead or follow.

    "The Accomplished Social Dancer"

    Designed for the person who wishes to become a good all around social dancer. Our most popular standard. Medalist dancers are considered fun to dance with in all popular social Dances.

    "The Standout Dancer and Performer"

    The Rising Star Program is designed for those dancers wanting to make an impact on the dance floor. These are the dancers that will turn heads and may be interested in performances, exhibitions or competitions.

Our Mission

At Shall We Dance Studio Louisville, we believe that anyone that can walk can dance. Whether you have two left feet, no rhythm, young or old, or from any walk of life, ballroom dancing is for everyone. We are passionate about dance and love sharing our wonderful hobby with new dancers.

We believe that dance gives you the strength, confidence and poise to handle any social situation. Our instructors can teach you to love dancing and become the comfortable, confident dancer that you want to become.

We are all students of dance, and of life. Through this shared learning experience, we strive to inspire our students and be inspired by our students. Living, learning, teaching, creating, and developing an appreciation for dance.